Nitrogen and Phosphorus are the two most important essential elements early in the lifecycle of the plant.  Nitrogen is essential for amino acid synthesis and protein synthesis in plants..  Nitrogen is also important for nucleic acid formation, chlorophyll and other important enzyme production in plants.  Phosphorus is also important in the early growth stages of the plant. Almost 50% of the plant requirement of Phosphorus is consumed by the plant before the flowering stage.  Inside the plant, Phosphorus is essential for respiration, translocation of proteins, fats and sugars in the plant.  Phosphorus is also the central element of ATP, which is the energy unit in plants.  Plants use phosphorus for branching,  root development, flower initiation and flowering processes.  Boron and Zinc are essential for development of the reproductive parts of the flowers.

The use of a Phosphorus rich product with added micronutrients during the early stages of the development of the plant would thus help in excellent branching, root development, and flower initiation in ornamental plants.

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