Plants were required 17 essential nutrients out of that Sulphur is an important element. The need for Sulphur is almost equal to Phosphorus in plants and the functions of Sulphur are similar to that of Nitrogen. Sulphur is an important part of Amino acids like Methionine(21%), Cystaine (26%) and Cystine (27%). In oilseeds, Sulphur is most important for the formation of Chlorophyll, Coenzyme A, Biotin, Thymine, Vitamin B1, Glutathione, Glucosides, and Glucosinolates. Also, it is important for the formation of enzymes and Sulphahydral (-SH) bond. Sulphur is helpful for pungency, root formation, and seed filling. Due to these reasons, the application of Sulphur in oilseeds increases the oil content by 9-13%.

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