In pulse crops Molybdenum is a very important element. The conversion of nitrate into nitrite and then ammonium is possible due to Molybdenum. In crops it helps in nitrogen metabolism and due to that it increases the rate of protein synthesis and amino acid formation. Molybdenum is also required for sulphur assimilation and pollen formation. Molybdenum is mobile in phloem and xylem. In pulse crops, the root nodule formation does not take place in Molybdenum deficient soil. Mo is needed for formation of Nitrogenase enzyme and it is helpful for nitrogen fixation. Iron is also with important in nodule formation along with Molybdenum. Nodules get a reddish colour due to Iron. Application of Molybdenum along with other nutrients through foliar application is a best way to ensure excellent nodulation in pulse crops.

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