Healthy plant growth is a result of cell development, cell division and growth.  Calcium constitutes nearly 93% of the cell wall of a cell.  Hence ensuring proper calcium supply results in healthy cell growth and division.  For proper translocation of Calcium within the plant, Boron is extremely essential.  Boron is also important for cell division and transportation of sugar in the plant.  Calcium imparts a strong structure to the plant just like it does to human bones.

Apart from Calcium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus play a crucial role in development of the trunk.  Nitrogen is a building block of amino acids and proteins and Phosphorus is essential for Nucleic acid and ATP synthesis in plants.  Due to its central role in ATP, Phosphorus plays an important role in energy transfer in plants.

The brown colour of the trunk is due to lignin.  Potassium is the most important nutrient that helps the plant in development of lignin. 

Therefore, it is essential to supply balanced quantities of Calcium, Boron, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium for a healthy trunk in my plant.

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