The size of grape berry and a cluster matters a lot in quality grape production. The length and thickness of a cluster depend on the length of stalk and petals. The size of a berry increases as a cluster grows because of cell division. Using GA3 in the pre- blooming stage doubles the number of cells and helps improve the length of a cluster. Auxin present in vine enhances the effect of GA3. Zinc is necessary to keep up the amount of auxin in grapes and to increase the lifespan of pollen grains. Calcium is essential in forming cells and Boron is essential for the easy movement of  Calcium in the plant. All these elements help grapes bunches to grow longer.  Therefore the use of liquid formulation of Calcium, Boron, and cold extract of Ecklonia Maxima helps in achieving a good bunch length in grapes.  This also helps in increasing fruit size and color at later stages.

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