The first thirty day period after foundation pruning is for the vegetative growth of the vine.  The following thirty days are very important for the bud development and development of the Inflorescence Primodia in grapevines.  For a fruitful cane, the following practices are important in the 31-60 day period after foundation pruning.

  1. Water Management : An abundant vegetative growth is harmful for fruitfulness.  A vigorous vine means an increase in the gibberellins in the plant and reduction in cytokinins. This could result in the bud developing a tendril or in bud necrosis.  Reducing the water supply in this stage is crucial to arrest the vegetative growth.
  2. Nutrition Management: A controlled supply of Nitrogen along with adequate supply of Phosphorus and Potassium are crucial for fruitfulness. Phosphorus helps in development of nucleic acids (RNA).  It is also important to keep the root system active in this stage as active root tips are a source of cytokinins, which are essential in the process.  Use of good quality amino acid with humic + fulvic acid product with a 4:1 ratio works well.  Other important nutrients are Zinc and Boron that are essential for flowering and also auxin formation in this stage.

Canopy Management: Like in all crops, sunlight is the most essential element for fruitfulness.  Ensuring that each bud gets an even dose of sunshine and 10-12 hours of sunlight is very important at this stage of the crop.

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