Grapevines typically start sprouting 10-12 days after foundation pruning.  During this period it is very important to ensure proper water and nutrient supply to the vines.  This is essential for proper vegetative growth, fruitfulness of the cane and proper nutrient storage in the canes for the fruiting season.  The following three factors need to be monitored:

  1. Water Management:  The first 30-35 days after foundation pruning are very critical.  Any water stress in this period results in uneven growth of the foliage.  It is also important to maintain a good balance of root growth and foliage. Excess vegetative growth would increase the water requirement of the plant.  About 13600-20400 lit of water per acre would be required based on the evapotranspiration rate.
  2. Nutrient Management: If a good quality formulation of Potassium is applied immediately after pruning, it would help in activation of enzymes necessary for bud break, thus resulting in uniform sprouting. Adequate Nitrogen supply is also essential at this stage, but any excess would result in increasing the internodal distance, and reduce fruitfulness.
  3. Thinning:  It is also very important to remove the excess foliage.  A rule of thumb is to keep 1 cane per sq. ft. At this stage application of a cytokinin-rich seaweed along with an EDTA chelated micronutrient mixture would help in better and uniform sprouting.

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