About 7- 10 days after fruit pruning is the most crucial period that decides the yield and quality for the season. At this stage, humid weather tends to increase the amount of nitrogen in the plant. As a result of this, the amount of gibberellins increases while reducing the amount of cytokinins.  This affects the new fruits and leads to the decay of a bunch.  It is imperative to drain any excess water in the vineyard. Use of fertilizers containing Potassium to control the growth of the vine. The use of Molybdenum is essential for nitrate reductase which helps the plant digest any excess Nitrogen. Using a small quantity of Phosphorus along with Potassium and Molybdenum helps in smoother bunch emergence. The vine goes through a lot of stress during this process. Therefore,  a spray of good quality cold extract seaweed will balance the growth of the vine and bunch.

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