Grape fruits grow healthy if the stem of a bunch is stronger. First bunch dipping generally takes place when the berry is 3 to 4 mm in diameter. After thinning of the cluster, dipping takes place which speeds up the growth of a cluster. Cell growth is the most important part for any kind of growth in the plant. Calcium and Boron are essential for cell multiplication and growth.  Calcium also strengthens the cell wall, also protecting the young cells from pathogen attack. . Deficiency of calcium makes the cluster dry. Use of calcium along with boron makes the cluster flexible and soft. Use of natural auxin at this stage helps in making the bunch more flexible and also in increasing the Calcium availability to the plant.

Reasons for harder(inflexible) bunches and berries

Excessive use of phosphonic-based fungicides in the early stage of bunch development, excessive use of plant growth regulators, cold weather, excess uptake of potassium which reduces the amount of calcium in the plant are some of the reasons for the hardening of the bunch/berries. Use of calcium nitrate-containing boron in fertigation or use of liquid formulation of Calcium and Boron along with a natural auxin based on Ecklonia Maxima can yield better results.

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