Basfoliar Zn flo

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Compo Expert GmbH

Country of Origin - Italy

Concentrated zinc deficiency corrector. Basfoliar®Zn flo is a liquid foliar fertilizer specially developed for low volume applications.


Basfoliar®Zn flo has persistence to the rains and is used for improving pollen quality & improving fruit set. It promotes the production of auxins that are useful for cell elongation. Features 1. Zinc deficiency corrector 2. Absorbed quickly through the leaves Benefits 1. Improved flowering & fruit setting 2. Increased disease resistance 3. Increase grain filling rate

Packing Size

75 ml

250 ml

500 ml

1 lit

Instructions for Use

Spray 75 ml per 200 lit of water for vegetables, fruits and ornamentals 75 ml per 100 lit of water for cereals, pulses and maize

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