Maxflow Capris

Category - Health Booster

Manufacturer - Trade Corporation International S.A.Unipersonal

Country of Origin - Spain

Innovative Sticker. Maxflow Capris is an foliar liquid supplement to improve quality of fruit.


Maxflow Capris is a highly concentrated suspension (flow) product for improvement of fruit setting and improve the shelf life and transportability of produce. It incorporates the correct spreaders and adherents to provide excellent coverage of the spray. Features 1. Better shelf-life and storage of the fruit 2. Greater tolerance to stress and other plant diseases Benefits 1. Increases fruit setting 2. Reduced fruit cracking 3. Increase fruit luster

Packing Size

100 ml

250 ml

500 ml

1 lit

Instructions for Use

Spray – 1 ml per lit Drip - 500 ml per acre

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