Kamasol Aqua

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Compo Expert GmbH

Country of Origin - Germany

Irrigation water optimiser. Kamasol Aqua is an innovative product for reducing water consumption in agriculture.


Kamasol Aqua is an soil application product to conserve irrigation water. Kamasol Aqua contains fatty acids, alcohols & sulphonated carbonates. Kamasol Aqua helps retain adequate moisture around the roots thus ensuring water availability when needed by the plant. Features 1. Increases lateral distribution of water 2. Reduces water losses due to percolation & run-off Benefits 1. Saves up to 40 % irrigation water 2. Reduced frequency of irrigation 3. Reduced water stress

Packing Size

1 lit

10 lit

Instructions for Use

Drip – 1 lit per acre, 2-3- applications in a crop cycle

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