Maxflow Zn

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Trade Corporation International S.A.Unipersonal

Country of Origin - Spain

Concentrated Zinc (Zn) Suspension, Maxflow Zn improves pollen quality, fruit set and aids in auxin formation for optimum growth.


Highly concentrated zinc suspension indicated for efficient and fast prevention and correction of Zinc deficiencies. Maxflow Zn significantly improves the quality of pollen grains and improves fruit setting. Features 1. Adjuvant included 2. Easily absorbed by leaves Benefits 1. Better fruit setting 2. Increased plant immunity power 3. Better grain filling 4. Improved photosynthesis

Packing Size

75 ml

250 ml


Instructions for Use

Spray – 0.375 ml per lit Drip – 75ml per acre

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