Kish Plant Health

Category - Microbial Product

Manufacturer - Fishfa Biogenics

Country of Origin - India

NPK solubilizing micro-organisms Kish Plant Health is a mixture of useful micro-organisms that improves foliage & flower health.


Kish Plant Health is a consortium of beneficial microbes that promotes the uptake of nutrients. It is used as a foliar application and helps in boosting the plant health. Features 1. Made with Lyophilisation technology 2. All in one microbial Benefits: 1. Improves photosynthetic activity 2. Reduces stress

Packing Size

14 gm per acre

Instructions for Use

● Dissolve 1 acre packing into 1 liter of butter milk and keep 4 to 5 hours for activation. ● Make a spray solution with the above and spray.

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