Sandip Prabhakar Shirsagar

At Post Kadvanchi, Taluka – Jalna, Dist – Jalna

How do I reduce bunch necrosis in grapes ?
How aids in grape bunch elongation ?
How to control downy ?

Major Achievements

  • How was the bunch necrosis issue resolved in grapes ?
  • What caused the bunch length to increase ?
  • How was Downy Mildew controlled ?
  • In a cloudy/rainy weather, how did the grower achieve excellent fruit set ?
  • What made the leaves fresh and green again ?

Used Products

Used Products

  • Basfoliar Kelp O SL
  • Basafer Plus
  • Nutricomplex Gold 0-9-46
  • Basfoliar 0-40-37 SP
  • Idai Cobre
  • Phylgreen 200
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