Basfoliar Zing WP

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Compo Expert Chile Fertilizantes.Ltda

Country of Origin - Chile

Basfoliar Zing WP is a Zinc chelated by EDTA. Basfoliar Zing WP is a foliar Zinc fertilizer for all crops to improve pollen quality of crops.


Basfoliar Zing WP increases fruit setting and helps in auxin formation and cell elongation. Basfoliar Zing WP helps in grain filling in cereal crops. Features 1. Corrects any Zinc deficiency 2. Very small dose Benefits 1. Increased resistance to pest and disease 2. Better fruit setting 3. Increases grain filling rate

Packing Size

75 gm

250 gm


Instructions for Use

Spray – 0.375 gm per liter Drip – 75 gm per acre

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