Basfoliar Kolor WP

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Compo Expert Chile Fertilizantes.Ltda

Country of Origin - Chile

Water Soluble Fertilizer rich in potash. Excellent formulation of potassium and magnesium for fruit quality.


Basfoliar Kolor WP helps in improving fruit quality, colour, taste and weight in horticulture crops. In floriculture crops it improves flower size and colour. Features 1. Extremely pure formulation 2. Quickly absorbed through root and foliage Benefits 1. Better fruit color & sugar content 2. Better fruit weight 3. Fetches better market price for produce

Packing Size

250 gm

1 kg

2.5 kg

25 kg

Instructions for Use

Spray – 2.5 gm per liter Drip – 2.5 kg per acre

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