Maxflow Magnum

Category - Health Booster

Manufacturer - Trade Corporation International S.A.Unipersonal

Country of Origin - Spain

Innovative sticker. Maxflow Magnum is a foliar liquid supplement to improve chlorophyll content of leaves.


Maxflow magnum promotes chlorophyll formation in leaves. Its unique and highly concentration form has adjuvants and spreading agents for effective foliar application and absorption by leaves. Other benefits of Maxflow Magnum are increase in sugar content in fruits, prevent physiological disorders like stem necrosis in grapes, etc. Maxflow magnum maximizes efficiency by increasing surface contact area when applied by foliar application. When applied by drip, Maxflow Magnum is available to the root where it can be absorbed and translocated around the plant. Features 1. Suitable for foliar and drip irrigation 2. Free from chlorides and nitrates Benefits 1. Better fruit quality 2. Improves brix & size 3. Good shelf life

Packing Size

1 lit

5 lit

20 lit

Instructions for Use

Spray – 0.5-1 ml per lit

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