Basfoliar Algae SL

Category - Biostimulant

Manufacturer - Compo Expert Chile Fertilizantes Ltda

Country of Origin - Chile

Seaweed extract with vitamins and minerals. Basfoliar Algae SL is a seaweed extract of Durvillaea Antarctica that aids in vegetative growth, flowering and fruit development.


Basfoliar Algae SL balances biological functions at the cell level. Features 1. Easily absorbed by plants 2. Combination of essential minerals, phytohormones, vitamins and natural amino acids Benefits 1. Promotes vegetative growth 2. Fight against abiotic stresses 3. Improved fruit quality

Packing Size

250 ml

500 ml

1 lit

5 lit

20 lit

Instructions for Use

Spray- 1-3ml per lit water

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