Nutricomplex Gold 0-9-46

Category - Nutrients

Manufacturer - Trade Corporation International S.A.Unipersonal

Country of Origin - Italy

100% Water Soluble Fertilizer containing phosphorus and potash Nutricomplex Gold 0.9.46 is designed to accelerate the absorption of Potassium, especially during fruit set and fill.


Nutricomplex Gold 0-9-46 is a organic parcel helps the plant in faster establishment and root growth and osmotic balancer improves plant environmental stress resistance caused due to water scarcity. Features 1.Unique combination of P and K 2.ideal for fertigation and also suitable for foliar application Benefits 1.Increases the fruit size and weight 2. Improves color and taste of fruits 3. Useful in stressful water conditions 4.Increase fruit brix 5. Digests and balances excess nitrogen in crops"

Packing Size


1 kg

2.5 kg

25 kg

Instructions for Use

Spray – 2.5-5 gm per lit Drip – 2.5 kg per acre

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