Category - Health Booster

Manufacturer - Idai Nature

Country of Origin - Spain

100% Residue free Natural biostimulant and promoter of lignification.


Brotaverd is a natural biostimulant of physiological processes. In addition, it favors the movement of the sap through the vascular bundles. It promotes the vegetative development and sprouting of all crops, with a remarkable effect in stress situations. The incorporation of HPC nanotechnology in its formulation allows the total absorption of all its elements in a passive way, without this implying an energy cost (ATP) for the plant. Features 1. Plant health booster 2. HPC technology Benefits 1. Approved for organic farming 2. Suitable for exportable products 3. Increases immunity against fungal diseases

Packing Size

250 ml

500 ml

Instructions for Use

Spay- 2-3 ml per liter Drip – 1-1.5 liter per acre

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