What can improve disease resistance in my crops?

Nutrients like Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Boron and Silicon have been proven by research to boost plant immunity.  Similarly Salicylic Acid and Jasmonic Acid play an active role in defending the plant against pathogens. Phosphorus is responsible for root development, a healthy root system can not only fight successfully against root rot and other soil […]

How do you stop bunch necrosis?

About 7- 10 days after fruit pruning is the most crucial period that decides the yield and quality for the season. At this stage, humid weather tends to increase the amount of nitrogen in the plant. As a result of this, the amount of gibberellins increases while reducing the amount of cytokinins.  This affects the […]

How to increase the flexibility of grape bunches?

Grape fruits grow healthy if the stem of a bunch is stronger. First bunch dipping generally takes place when the berry is 3 to 4 mm in diameter. After thinning of the cluster, dipping takes place which speeds up the growth of a cluster. Cell growth is the most important part for any kind of […]

How can I protect my rainfed crop from water stress?

Water constitutes 80-90% of the plants total weight.  Water ensures uptake and movement of nutrients in the plant and also translocation of sugars.  Any water stress due to delayed rainfall (especially in rainfed crops) results in abiotic stress and reduction in plant yield.  In such a situation, Potassium plays a very important role, because it […]

How can I improve the efficacy of herbicide sprays?

A majority of the herbicides are alkaline in nature. If the pH of spray water is alkaline, then the herbicide application efficiency will be reduced by half. If the pH of the solution is 9, then half the efficiency of the herbicide will be reduced within 15 minutes.  If the pH of the solution is […]

What would help improve the oil content in oilseed crops?

Plants were required 17 essential nutrients out of that Sulphur is an important element. The need for Sulphur is almost equal to Phosphorus in plants and the functions of Sulphur are similar to that of Nitrogen. Sulphur is an important part of Amino acids like Methionine(21%), Cystaine (26%) and Cystine (27%). In oilseeds, Sulphur is […]

How do you get better flowering?

Calcium, boron, and zinc are important elements in flowering. Calcium is essential for cell division and cell growth. It is an important factor in forming cells. Similarly, Boron is essential for stamens and zinc is important for pistils. The use of Calcium and Boron together improves the length and thickness of the pollen tube. The […]

How can I ensure a strong trunk of my plant?

Healthy plant growth is a result of cell development, cell division and growth.  Calcium constitutes nearly 93% of the cell wall of a cell.  Hence ensuring proper calcium supply results in healthy cell growth and division.  For proper translocation of Calcium within the plant, Boron is extremely essential.  Boron is also important for cell division […]

What do I do to ensure good inflorescence (flowering) in my banana crop?

In the typical lifecycle of a banana plant the first 5-6 months are the vegetative growth stage of the plant.  For proper inflorescence to develop it is very important to take care of the vegetative growth of the plant.  The banana plant should produce one leaf a week – 4 a month – and 24 […]

Development of the Inflorescence Primordia

The first thirty day period after foundation pruning is for the vegetative growth of the vine.  The following thirty days are very important for the bud development and development of the Inflorescence Primodia in grapevines.  For a fruitful cane, the following practices are important in the 31-60 day period after foundation pruning. Water Management : […]